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At Life Produce, we know that premium ingredients are the core of every mouthwatering recipe. This is why we offer our clients access to a wide range of fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables that add new flavors and colors to their daily meals.

Life Produce is a family-owned and operated wholesale fruit and vegetable company that has been around for three generations. Our mission is to help our customers experience the rich taste of ripe, sun-kissed, absolutely perfect fruits and vegetables, and improve their eating habits. Passed on from father to son, Life Produce has always reflected our desire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through the high-quality and reasonable price tags of our products.

Our production areas are based in Latina (RM) and Sicily, an attractive destination for food lovers, which is famous for its wide range of tasty and nutritious seasonal produce and vibrant, memorable harvest celebrations. Our distribution center is located in Dusseldorf, in North Rhein Westfalia. In order to surprise our clientele with a great variety of fresh products, we have established a partnership with a large network of producers and distributers from all over the world.

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As a reputable third-generation family-owned and operated wholesale fruit and vegetables company, Life Produce reflects our passion for fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables produced in Sicily, and highlights our commitment to delivering first-hand produce on a global scale.

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